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TRAINbolon 120 caps


T-booster with masculine hardcore formula

     includes Tongkat Ali, Tribulus, Maca
     Other functional plant extracts
     Vitamins and minerals
     Ideal for use before training or sex

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TRAINBOLON by Peak International is a T-booster that combines the key ingredients of T-modulation in a capsule shell known in modern sports nutrition.

TRAINBOLON is suitable for high-intensity athletes and older men who want to know the far-reaching importance of a healthy testosterone value and do not want to put up with any restrictions on muscle growth and love life. Trainbolon - Awaken the man in you!

What can I expect from Trainbolon?

TRAINBOLON by Peak International is a highly effective T-Booster that provides you with the most important ingredients used in the field of T-modulation in sports nutrition.

Suboptimal testosterone levels can hinder the athletic goals of a man and thus can be used, among other things. for the muscle building and the love life a strong danger dar. Intensively training athletes and all men, who have exceeded the thirtieth year of age, are considered in this regard as particularly endangered.

Product details for Trainbolon:

Trainbolon's "Masculine Hardore Formula" contains 13 high-dose key substrates, which are described in detail below:
Tongkat Ali aka "LONG JACK" - popular and rare

With Tongkat Ali, one of the most expensive, promising and therefore most desirable herbs is an important part of the Trainbolon formula. Tongkat Ali, also known as "LONG JACK", is so in demand that the plant in Malaysia had to be designated as a protected plant species and the last remnants must now be guarded by specially used forest rangers. This makes Tongkat Ali the herb that should not be missed for highly effective T management.
Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris, whose extracts contain steroid saponins, has become indispensable in sports nutrition and in particular in the field of T-modulation, which has led to an absolute special status in the bodybuilding and weightlifting scene. Because of its steroid-like structure, secondary plant substances enriched therefore a high-dose, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract the Trainbolon formula.

In many cases, maca has already been the subject of studies examining the effects of the Maca marketed in Europe and the USA as a sexual enhancer on testosterone levels. Also regarding the orgasmic ability interesting results were published. Reason enough to anchor Maca in the Trainbolon formula.

TRAINBOLON has been supplemented with acetyl-L-carnitine with a highly bioavailable carnitine form, which is an indispensable part of today's sports nutrition. Carnitine is one of the most popular substances used during diets that aim to maximize fat burning. Meanwhile, there are also numerous studies that investigate the effect of carnitine on hormone activity.
Polygonum cuspidatum-

Polygonum cuspidatum is known as a powerful antioxidant and a carrier of red wine. In sports nutrition, this functional ingredient is often associated with the benefits of an anti-estrogen. Estrogens are targeting testosterone levels and pose a serious threat to male body processes, including muscle growth.
Saw Palmetto

The extract of the saw blade palm has been studied several times in studies that have focused on improving sexual functions. The TRAINBOLON formula is not in vain considered the ultimate masculinity formula, so of course this highly functional and often used in sports nutrition extract to the recipe of this real T-Booster.
TRAINBOLON Synergetic Complex

A synergy matrix of Nettle Root, Mangosteen and Brassaiopsis glomerulata Extracts, which are gaining in the professional circles and u.a. aromatase-inhibiting properties must not be omitted in a formula that has set the goal of maximum T-modulation.
Vitamins & Minerals

Trainbolon contains the extremely functional vitamin B6, which i.a. supports the regulation of hormonal activity. In addition, vitamin D was added to the formula for the vital sun vitamin. Of particular interest is the fact that vitamin D plays the role of a prohormone. The highly bioavailable zinc chelate, which i.a. contributes to a normal level of testosterone in the blood, and selenium, which effectively contributes to normal sperm production and fertility, has been scientifically proven to complete the TRAINBOLON spectrum of action.

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