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L-Glutamine in Peptide Form

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When the body ingests L-glutamine as a free amino acid, only a small amount of it is absorbed into the blood. In contrast, peptide-derived L-glutamine has high bioavailability, can break through the intestinal barrier, and is rapidly absorbed. The peptide is not already consumed in the intestinal cells, but can enter the bloodstream and be targeted where it is needed.

Glutamine is a building block of almost all proteins and especially highly concentrated in the muscle cells. In stressful situations, illness or heavy catabolic stress, the body can only synthesize glutamine with difficulty. Therefore, supplementation with glutamine peptides is very useful for athletes.

A sufficient supply of L-glutamine can strengthen the immune system. In addition, the substance leads to an increase in the glycogen level and thus increases the physical performance. In addition, the glutamine peptides lead to optimal muscle growth and support regeneration after exercise.

The manufacturer recommends: Take 1 tablet up to 5 times a day, either 1 hour before the meal or immediately after exercise. Take with plenty of water.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult with a doctor before starting to take it. The same applies in case of illness or taking medications. Store at room temperature, dry, always locked and out of reach of children.