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EXTRAPEP HD 600 Gramm Aone Nutrition

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EXTRAPEP> HD provides high-quality short-chain bioactive peptides for rapid body energization as well as accelerated muscle recovery and body vitalization.

Taking EXTRAPEP> HD before and during a physical workout, or before prolonged energy expenditure, increases your body's performance without feeling depressed. In parallel, the catabolic degradation of its own proteins and peptides such as hormones, antibodies and muscle proteins is reduced.

Note: SCWPs are able to deliver energy to the body, even when the glycogen stores are depleted. The most effective initialization of the anabolic metabolic processes important for regeneration and muscle growth can be achieved by sufficient amino acid replenishment in the first 15 minutes after the workout (window of opportunity).

EXTRAPEP> HD, taken immediately after performance, is able to rapidly increase the amino acid levels in the blood and to start the anabolic metabolism by efficiently absorbing SCWPs. The whey proteins (WHEY> Pro) accelerate and stabilize anabolic metabolism between 30 and 60 minutes after ingestion.

Slow proteins (Hi-Ten) can deliver important amino acids for a few hours, keeping the anabolic processes stable over time.


Portion size:

10g = 2 tablespoons = stir 1 scoop in 200 ml of water or degreased milk.

Take 3 or more servings daily as needed.

Recommended dosage:

EXTRAPEP> HD is for professional athletes. The adaptation of the optimal dosage to individual needs before, during and after the energy output is recommended.