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BCAA amino acids  400g

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Active ingredients1 serving (5 g – for natural flavour / 6,1 for other)% RDA2 servings (10 g – for natural flavour / 12,2 g – for other flavours)% RDA
L-leucyna2,5 g**5 g**
L-izoleucyna1,25 g**2,5 g**
L-walina1,25 g**2,5 g**

Are you dissatisfied with the supplementation for mass gain you have been using so far? Are you looking for a product that will give you the ultimate anabolic effect while significantly shortening the duration of catabolic reactions? BCAA by Real Pharm will meet all your expectations and enable you to enjoy its amazing taste!
Indispensable BCAA amino acids directly affect metabolism of muscle proteins and effectively accelerate their synthesis. Owing to its strong anabolic effect and capability to accelerate catabolic reactions, this BCAA complex consisting of L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine guarantees the quickest and most effective lean muscle mass gain and provides additional protection of muscle tissue against breakdown when following a reducing diet.
The demand for BCAA complex increases significantly before and after the workout. Indispensable amino acids are not directly synthesized by the human body, so the best way to provide an appropriate amount of these compounds is to use well-balanced supplementation.
Each serving of BCAA by Real Pharm gives you as much as 8 g of pure BCAA amino acids in the perfect proportion (2:1:1) for your body! There are several flavor variants to choose from, so that you won’t need to force yourself to take another serving of the supplement – our product tastes delicious and dissolves very well, meaning no more lumps or layering in the prepared drink!

BCAA by Real Pharm will enable you to:

  • Get the ultimate lean muscle gain
  • Gain extremely fast post workout recovery
  • Eliminate the feeling of constant post-workout fatigue
  • Build perfect muscles without gaining excessive fat

BCAA by Real Pharm is the only market-available supplement of such high quality. What is more, it does not contain any other amino acids and fillers which reduce the beneficial effects of the BCAA complex. By choosing our products you have a 100% guarantee that you will reach every training goal and fully utilize every minute of your workout!
The effectiveness and rate of lean muscle gain depends, among other factors, on the amount of BCAA amino acids supplied to the body – with our product you will fully satisfy the demands of your body in this aspect and the effects of supplementation will come very quickly!
BCAA by Real Pharm is designed for professional athletes and everyone who want to improve the effectiveness of their amateur training routine. This supplement’s potential will be also appreciated by people who want to reduce the excessive fat quickly and without burning muscle tissue.
Remember that only professional supplements will bring you the expected results. With Real Pharm you have a 100% guarantee that you are using a product created by professionals!
Check out our other products and create your own supplement set which will finally enable you to reach your training goals!

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