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EPI CAT - Blackstone Labs

Contents: 60 capsules

Muscle growth and fatigue resistance

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A new form of anabolic nutritional supplement. We are the first and only ones to introduce the strongest muscle building connection on the market.

    A new form of anabolic nutritional supplement
    100% organic
    Massive muscle gains

Scientists have been researching long athletes to find out how to build even more muscle. The research focused on human genetics and on helping athletes. Therefore, we can say that they have done a great job in this field. Recently, a gene called myostatin was discovered. This gene is responsible for the amount of muscle mass in a body.

Myostatin was discovered in 1997. The geneticists were able to mutate mice so that they had only a very small proportion of this gene and twice as much muscle as normal. These mice were termed "strong". The gene also shows remarkable results in humans. In short, the less myostatin the body produces, the more muscle it produces. If someone is naturally more muscular, there is probably a small difference in the production of myostatin in his body. As simple as that! A myostatin blocker must have been discovered so that we can invent this revolutionary invention. Our specialists at Blackstone Labs have addressed this issue by developing a natural genetic modifier that will help you realize your dream body

Future of anabolic supplements

EPICAT is a unique opportunity to become a muscle animal by switching genes. The king of this "anabolic jungle" is neither AS nor the Prohormone or HGH. If you really want to build big muscles without dramatically changing your diet, that genetic change is the answer. The human body has a variety of regulatory organs that excrete hormones such as myostatin. Myostatin is a human growth factor whose inhibition can boost muscle growth.


The main ingredient of EPICAT is our patented epicatechin blend, a naturally occurring substance found in cocoa beans. Epicatechin releases follistatin, which blocks myostatin. The inhibition of myostatin is a signal for muscle growth. You will feel like never before!

Why have not we used it yet?

Maybe because nobody ever wanted to eat tons of chocolate to see results. EPICAT is a supplement that is rich in antioxidants from green tea and promotes healthy muscle growth without compromising natural hormone function. Try how easily you can reach an extremely muscular body!

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