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OxyTherm Black   OxyTherm Black is the latest supp from PNI, designed to be an advanced stimulant with unique benefits surpassing all other products in its class. It is designed to promote extreme energy and mental focus, produce strong stimulation for at least 5 hours without crash, enhance metabolism, increase thermogenesis, and support appetite control. Just 1 cap per serving is all it takes.†


Increases Energy†

Caffeine’s stimulatory effects are attributable in large to its negative modulation of adenosine receptors. This results in the increased activity of the neurotransmitters dopamine and glutamate. When the activity of these two messengers is increased, we observe the characteristic stimulation produced by Caffeine. Noteworthy of these effects is an increase in wakefulness, motivation, improved learning and memory, and even better reaction times and intuitive capacity.  Therefore, Caffeine at just the right dose is a fundamental part of any good energy product.†

Yohimbe bark extract (8mg alkaloids per Serving)

Encourages Strength and Long-Lasting Alpha Adrenergic Activity†

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree whose bark contains the indole alkaloid Yohimbine, plus dozens of related molecules and isomers. It has long been used by men as a sexual tonic, but women have discovered that they too can experience the pleasure enhancing benefits, usually to a greater degree than men! The bark acts as a physical stimulant and mental euphoriant primarily through its alpha-adrenergic action. Improved strength at the gym is its greatest attribute, but it’s also popular for its ability to encourage fat loss by increased metabolism and thermogenesis. The energy boosting effects are long- lasting and reliable, which insures consistent performance from every 1 cap serving.†

Korean Ginseng root (standardized for Ginsenosides)

Promotes Endurance and Adrenal Balance†

Korean Ginseng root is considered by many to be the best of the endurance-promoting adaptogens. It is so energizing in fact, that some even report trouble sleeping if taken too close to bedtime! Among its effects, it’s shown to improve mental clarity, reduce the deleterious effects of stress on the mind and body, boost immune function and promote general health throughout the entire body. Some mistakenly assume this adaptogen to be beneficial for men only, based on its ability to improve male endocrine parameters and erectile function. However, the benefits for women should not be overlooked. Positive health, endocrine and libido effects are just as pronounced with the ladies. Besides all this, where Ginseng truly shines is in the area of prolonged athletic training. The endurance boosting effects are like none other, and few other herbs can single-handedly prevent stim related adrenal burnout like Korean Ginseng. More reps and longer workouts are to be expected.†


Supports Physical Drive and Metabolism Through Beta Adrenergic Stimulation†

Synephrine and its related compounds are found commonly in many members of the citrus genus of plants. This particular compound is also said to be a chemical constituent of several cacti and other unrelated shrubs, but its biological effects make it superior to other synephrine alkaloids. It has desirable receptor activity for the beta-adrenergic system, which supports physical drive and promotes metabolism and lipolysis. This means more fat burning and greater energy output. Many users have compared its effects to ephedrine, but better.†

Mucuna puriens extract (standardized for l-Dopa)

Fosters Motivation and Positive Mental Attitude by Dopaminergic Support†

Mucuna extract and its amino acid l-Dopa have long been used as a natural dopaminergic aphrodisiac, and also for the medical treatment of various illnesses. This is likely because l-Dopa acts as a precursor to dopamine, the neurotransmitter who’s activity can be increased by Caffeine. Dopamine and its associated pituitary activation are often noted to increase human growth hormone levels, which can promote a desirable repartitioning effect on the physique. Dopamine is also associated with motivation, appetite suppression, well-being, and fine motor skills among its many important functions. Too much l-Dopa can have side effects, so just enough is used in OxyTherm Black to complement the other adrenergic components.†

Dandelion extract

Diuretic Synergist†

The common Dandelion may not seem that relevant to an energy supplement, but it can be a useful addition at low doses. It has been used historically to fight infections of the urinary tract, and also ease liver troubles by its biliary actions. However, the purpose of its inclusion here is related to its diuretic effect. Stacked with Caffeine, it offers a synergistic contribution to discourage retention of excess water and subsequent bloat. This can be very useful when a weight loss effect is desired.†


Improves Enzymatic Function, Promotes Detoxification, Encourages Positive Mood and Wellbeing†

Molybdenum is a trace element used for essential enzymatic activities in practically all life forms. It functions as a catalytic cofactor, and Molybdenum-dependent enzymes are required for optimal human health. While true deficiency is considered rare, highly processed modern foods, food grown in regions of molybdenum soil depletion, or diets high in sulfur or protein (sulfur-bearing amino acids) can result in reduced molybdenum levels. The benefits of supplementation can be subtle, but many who try it report some type of dramatic health improvement. The main benefits reported include improved strength, reduced joint pain, fewer headaches, enhanced memory, improved mental concentration, better mood and improvement in sleep patterns. Almost all who try it agree that it promotes a general sense of well-being, unique and subtle, but can definitely be felt in one or more of these areas.†


†These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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